Mahasiswa ACICIS Pun Mengikuti Upacara Pembukaan PESMABA UMM 2015

Kamis, 17 September 2015 08:29 WIB  

Cameron | Janelle | Sally Saat Mengikuti Upacara Pesmaba UMM 2015

Three students from ACICIS UMM 41 followed the opening ceremony of the PESMABA UMM 2015 on Tuesday (8/9), along with more than 6500 new UMM students and about 86 foreign students.


Cam, Janelle and Sally were enthusiastic to participate in the opening ceremony of Pesmaba. Although not accustomed to following the ceremony, they follow each procession solemnly.


"I am very honored to be able to follow the ceremony like this. In our country, only certain people maybe able to follow  an official ceremony, "said Janelle.


After the ceremony, they followed the inaugural lecture of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in Basement Dome UMM. (Rani/ACICIS UMM)