Seminar Akhir Australian Consortium for 'In Country' Indonesian Studies

Jum'at, 18 Desember 2015 08:52 WIB  

UMM ACICIS Students delivered their Final Report Presentations on Wednesday (16/12). Janelle, Sally and Cameron conducted field research for four months in East Java. The three students choose unique topics about the environment.


"Congratulations to Janelle and Sally on the success of the studies. I feel happy Janelle and Sally can become part of the family of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).  Later, when you come to Indonesia, you should come around to UMM yes, " said Dr. Asep Nurjaman, M.Si, Dean of the Faculty of Sociology UMM, opening the Final Report Presentations.

The presentation began by Janelle, accompanied by M. Hayat, MA., her research supervisor. "I feel nervous, but I believe the results of this study can be useful for academics and the public at large," said Janelle, a student from the University of the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Janelle presented the findings  from her study at Sendang Biru, Kabupaten Malang. "The coastal community of Sendang Biru demonstrated local initiatives towards ecologically sustainable tourism, especially those by the local mangrove conservation community." Janelle also found that the local initiatives tend to work well for preserving local cultures, utilizing local wisdom and maintaining local identity.



        Unlike Janelle whose research was in the area of Malang, Sally  focussed  her research in the District of Kalisat - Jember. "Tobacco is the 'gold leaf', belle of Jember," said Sally at the start of her presentation. "The District of Kalisat has more than 600 hectares (Ha) of tobacco plantations, VoorOogst types”. Sally, a student from Charles Darwin University in Australia, explained her findings. Sally gained the opinion that since the 70s, the tobacco leaf is considered to alleviate poverty by tobacco farmers. They argue they would lose if Indonesia signed the FCTC.

        Cameron’s research was in Malang, especially in schools which received an Adiwiyata Award. "The impact of global warming can be prevented from spreading, by providing environment-based education to the young generation. Adiwiyata Program is one program that can support it, "said Cameron, a student from Murdoch University in Australia. Cameron explained that each Adiwiyata school has facilities and tools to deal with recycling and protecting the environment in the school, to raise awareness and concern about environmental conservation and global warming.

        "I feel proud of the ACICIS UMM 41 students, because they have been doing research until the end, especially Sally who raises issues which are quite controversial in Indonesia. I congratulate you Janelle, Sally, and Cameron, "said Elena Williams, Resident Director ACICIS.


        Widiya Yutanti as Program Coordinator ACICIS UMM was also proud of the ACICIS UMM 41 students, who have dedicated themselves to do diligent research. "I hope they can do their research development in East Java in the next year." (Rani/ACICIS UMM)